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An Interactive Tele-Operated Anthropomorphic Robot Hand: Osaka City University Hand

Raafat Mahmoud , Atsushi Ueno, and Shoji Tatsumi
1.Department of Physical Electronic and Informatics, Osaka City University, 3-3-138 Sugimoto Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, 558-8585 Japan. E-mail: ueno@info.eng.osaka-cu.ac.jp and tatsumi@info.eng.osaka-cu.ac.jp

Abstract—In this paper we present a design of an anthropomorphic robot hand called Osaka-City-University- Hand (OCU-Hand). In our proposed hand the size and weight have been compromised in order to achieve human-like performance with the prime objective of grasping different shapes firmly. Our proposed hand is composed of five fingers with total 15 degrees of freedom (DOF). In addition, 3 DOF are given for a dexterous designed wrist. All the joints of the OCU-Hand are driven by servomotors built into the fingers. The thumb finger in our proposed hand has a special design that improves the implementation of the hand. Also in our proposed hand, the palm has a unique design so as to improve the hand grasping and handling of different shape objects. The size of the hand is almost the same as a human hand. Distributed tactile and force sensors are appended to the OCU-Hand as a feedback system in order to grasp an object firmly. A new control strategy is to be adopted, in which a master light-weight glove is to be used to drive the OCU-Hand as a slave. A novel and unique interactive and assistive mode is included within master-slave control strategy, in which the OCU-Hand is assisting its operators in order to reduce the load on the operator and perform the usual operations in a better manner or even faster than the usual. During the assistive mode the operator is enabled to perform other tasks than the master-slave driving while he has the master-glove on

Index Terms—Anthropomorphic robot hand, Tele-operating, Interactive mode, Feedback sensors

Cite: Raafat Mahmoud, Atsushi Ueno and Shoji Tatsumi, "An Interactive Tele-Operated Anthropomorphic Robot Hand: Osaka City University Hand," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol.1, No. 1, pp. 120-135, April 2012.