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Optimization Seat of Back Rest of a Car

Praful R Randive1 , Mohan D Karambe2, and S M Kamble1
1.Department of Mechanical Engg, DMIETR, Wardha
2.Department of Mechanical Engg, S.S.P.P, Bhandhara

Abstract—With the goal of reduced weight, free-size finite element based optimization with constraints on stresses and deflection of a car seat backrest manufactured from low strength steel plate is performed using ANSYS software. In the free-size optimization, sheet metal thickness in a finite element plate of the backrest is design variables with stress and deflection limits as the constraints, with an objective to minimize mass. Using the results from the free-size optimization and a minimum draw-able sheet metal thickness, a final design is derived which obtains a total mass reduction. To verify the functional performance of the final design, the final optimized seat backrest is performed using the ANSYS software package. Results from the analysis provide an accurate prediction of the material yielding and load distribution on the backrest plate provide factor of safety estimates on yield and ultimate strength.

Index Terms—Finite element, Optimization, Stresses, ANSYS

Cite: Praful R Randive, Mohan D Karambe and S M Kamble, "Optimization Seat of Back Rest of a Car," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 505-509, July 2014.