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Thermal Analysis of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Piston

Ashish P Jadhao and Ajitabh Pateriya
PDAM., Dr. V.B Kolte College of Engineering, Malkapur, M.S., India

Abstract—This paper describes the stress distribution of the single cylinder diesel engine piston by using FEA. ProE wildfire 4.0 Computer Aided Design (CAD) software was used to design the existing piston. The main objectives is to investigate and analyze the temperature distribution and heat flux of piston at the real engine condition during combustion process. The paper describes the use of finite element analysis technique to predict the higher stress and critical region on the component. The original diesel engine piston is coated by using different materials for specific thickness. The optimization is carried out to reduce the stress concentration on the upper end of the piston, i.e. (piston head/crown and piston skirt and sleeve). The coating analysis is tested using ANSYS workbench 11.0 thermal analysis

Index Terms—Diesel engine piston, Piston skirt, ProE, ANSYS workbench, Temperature concentration, Thermal analysis

Cite: Ashish P Jadhao and Ajitabh Pateriya, "Thermal Analysis of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Piston," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 83-90, July 2014.