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Displacement Control of Flexible Pneumatic Cylinder Using Disturbance Observer and Smith Compensator

Wataru Kobayashi 1, Shujiro Dohta 1, Tetsuya Akagi 1, Yusuke Miyamoto 1, Naoki Kato 1, and Kazuhisa Ito 2
1. Okayama University of Science, Okayama, Japan
2. Shibaura Institute of Technology, Saitama, Japan

Abstract—This study is concerned with flexible pneumatic cylinder. The cylinder can be used in the various fields such as life support, medical, welfare systems which require light-weight, high flexibility, and high cleanliness. However, the control of the cylinder is insufficient and then it is needed to improve its control performance for widening of applications of the cylinder. Therefore, we propose combination of disturbance observer, which has a function of model matching, and Smith compensator, which compensates time delay of the system, with conventional PI control. To evaluate the control performance of the proposed control, some experiments are carried out. As a result, it is confirmed that the control performance of the proposed control can be drastically improved. In particular, it can be seen that the proposed control is effective for time delay of the system. The flexible cylinder with the proposed control scheme will be used in rehabilitation devices in practice.

Index Terms—flexible pneumatic cylinder, disturbance observer, Smith compensator, displacement control, time delay

Cite: Wataru Kobayashi, Shujiro Dohta, Tetsuya Akagi, Yusuke Miyamoto and Naoki Kato, and Kazuhisa Ito, "Displacement Control of Flexible Pneumatic Cylinder Using Disturbance Observer and Smith Compensator" International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 594-599, July 2019. DOI: 10.18178/ijmerr.8.4.594-599