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Mechanism of Laser Assisted Bending Fixture - An Over View

B N Nagendra Kumar1 , Shailesh P S2, Ramesh Babu K2, and Arvind Rao M Yadwad11,
1.Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIE, Mysore, Karnataka, India
2.Department of Tool Engineering, G.T & T.C, Mysore, Karnataka, India

Abstract—Laser beam forming is a novel technique developed for the joining of metallic components. In this study, an overview of the laser beam forming process,the basic mechanisms of the laser beam forming process, some recent researchstudies and the need to focus more research effort on designing a manually operated fixture for laser forming process is presented.

Index Terms—Laser forming, Mechanisms, Bending angle, 3D model of Solid Works software

Cite: B N Nagendra Kumar, Shailesh P S*, Ramesh Babu K and Arvind Rao M Yadwad, "Mechanism of Laser Assisted Bending Fixture - An Over View," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 221-225, July 2014.