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Design and Analysis of Turbine Blade of Engine - A Review

Sujeet S Narkhede and A Pateriya
1.Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pdm.Dr.V.B. Kolte College of Engineering, Malkapur, Maharashtra, India

Abstract—This paper involves various failure mechanisms and the general practices followed by a blade designer for deciding a blade configuration were also described. Although some significant advances have been made during past some decades in the design technology of the blade from vibration point of view. First the designing of the blade geometry completed with CAD software and analysis with the analysis software. Blade failures still continue to take place, and hence efforts are still on to understand in totality the blade dynamics which has caused in large number of technical papers. Some of important are presented here. In this review stress is placed on paper dealing with general structural analysis of blade by analytical modeling, blade excitation and fatigue life estimation of turbine blade.

Index Terms—Review, Design, Turbine blade, Failures

Cite: Sujeet S Narkhede* and A Pateriya, "Design and Analysis of Turbine Blade of Engine - A Review," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 215-220, July 2014.