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IJMERR 2024 Vol.13(2): 205-212
doi: 10.18178/ijmerr.13.2.205-212

Dynamic Interaction of the TE-33A Diesel Locomotive and the Track in a Curve with a Radius of 600 Meters

Seidulla Abdullayev 1,Gabit Bakyt 2,*, Azhar Kamzina 2, Nurgul Suleyeva 2, and Natalya Tokmurzina-Kobernyak 1
1. Department of Technological Machines and Transport, Satbayev University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2. Department of Rolling Stock, Academy of Logistics and Transport, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Email: seidulla@mail.ru (S.A.); gaba_b@bk.ru (G.B.); azhar0330kad@mail.ru (A.K.); nur_1912@mail.ru (N.S.); natalytokmur@mail.ru (N.T.-K.)
*Corresponding author

Manuscript received October 9, 2023; revised December 4, 2023; accepted December 11, 2023; published March 15, 2024.

Abstract—This article deals with the indicators of dynamic properties that ensure road safety, compliance with the rules of maintenance and servicing were determined, with geometric labelling, the forces acting on the crew were not determined, but it was assumed that they affect the position of the crew in the curve. The loads on each axle of the locomotive were calculated taking into account the weight of the TE-33A. In order to determine the forces acting on the crew and the path as a function of the stationary movement speeds along the curve, the so-called dynamic insertion of the crew into the curve is carried out. As part of the study, the indicators of frame forces and the coefficients of vertical dynamics of the first suspension stage of the TE-33A locomotive were determined when passing through a curve with a radius of 600 m at speeds of 40, 60, 85, and 100 km/h. At the same time, the largest forces acting on the crew were determined. At the same time, the largest forces were determined, which occur during the movement of this TE-33A locomotive along the curve, when individual elements of the locomotive (wheel pairs, wagon, body) perform complex movements when traveling in the transition curve. As a result of the experimental tests, it was found that the obtained frame force indicators and dynamic indicators of the first stage of the suspension of the TE-33A diesel locomotive meet all the requirements of the permissible standards.

Keywords—railway track, diesel locomotive, wheelset, dynamic indicators, dynamic comfort of locomotive

Cite: Seidulla Abdullayev, Gabit Bakyt, Azhar Kamzina, Nurgul Suleyeva, and Natalya Tokmurzina-Kobernyak, "Dynamic Interaction of the TE-33A Diesel Locomotive and the Track in a Curve with a Radius of 600 Meters," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 205-212, 2024.

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