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Stress Analysis of Mechanisms for Trolly-Cum-Wheelchair

Praful R Randive and A V Karmankar
Department of Mechanical Engg., R.C.E.R.T., Chandrapur, India

Abstract—The project deals with the stress analysis of four bar mechanisms of the trolley-cum-wheelchair. The four bar mechanisms has four links of which the first link is called as fixed link and the second ink is called as crank and third link is called as coupler and follower is the fourth link. By changing the angle between two rest of trolley-cum-wheelchair the various stresses such as the maximum shear stress and bending stress and maximum principal stress and deformation on each link of four bar mechanism is determined. The ANSYS results on the each link of four bar mechanisms are compared with the analytical calculation of four bar mechanism and verified. The models of trolley-cum-wheelchair are prepared in NX-6CAD software. These models is exported to opened in the ANSYS14 workbench software and FE analysis is made. FE values are compared with the analytical calculation done using the principle of free body diagram and the forces and stress are verified.

Index Terms—Stress analysis, Four bar mechanism, Trolly-cum-wheelchair

Cite: Praful R Randive and A V Karmankar, "Stress Analysis of Mechanisms for Trolly-Cum-Wheelchair," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 414-421, October 2013.