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Working of New Design of Door Closer

R W Dakhole, R D Askhedkar, and S K Choudhary
Department of Mechanical Engg., KDKCE, Nagpur, India

Abstract—A door closer is a mechanical device that closes a door, which is open by push or pull action manually or automatic.The closer available in a market can involve the consideration of a variety of criteria. In addition to the closer’s performance in fire situations, other criteria are resistance to opening forces (for use by disabled or infirm), control over the rate of closing, safety, durability, risk of vandalism, and aesthetics. This paper gives the detail concept and mechanism for the new design of door closer which is tested on fabricating model. The design using various components like compressive sprial spring and simple gear train arrangement. To test the mechanisum working a small model fabricated. The images give the brief idea how the actual design look and performance tested by appling force.

Index Terms—Spiraltorsion spring, Spur gear, Links, Bracket

Cite: R W Dakhole, R D Askhedkar, and S K Choudhary, "Working of New Design of Door Closer," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 400-406, October 2013.