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Stress Analysis of Helical Gear by Finite Element Method

Govind T Sarkar, Yogesh L Yenarkar, and Dipak V Bhope
Mechanical Department, RCERT, Chandrapur, MS.

Abstract—The bending and surface stresses of gear tooth are major factor for failure of gear. Pitting is a surface fatigue failure due to repetitions of high contact stresses. This paper investigates finite element model for monitoring the stresses induced of tooth flank, tooth fillet during meshing of gears. The involute profile of helical gear has been modeled and the simulation is carried out for the bending and contact stresses and the same have been estimated. To estimate bending and contact stresses, 3D models for different helical angle, face width are generated by modeling software and simulation is done by finite element software packages. Analytical method of calculating gear bending stresses uses AGMA bending equation and for contact stress AGMA contact equation are used. It is important to develop appropriate models of contact element and to get equivalent result using Ansys and compare the result with standard AGMA stress.

Index Terms—Gear, Helical gear, Bending stress, Contact stress, FE method

Cite: Govind T Sarkar, Yogesh L Yenarkar, and Dipak V Bhope, "Stress Analysis of Helical Gear by Finite Element Method," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 322-329, October 2013.