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Design Methodology for Hydraulic Ram Pump (HYDRAM)

Seemin Sheikh, C C Handa, and A P Ninawe
Mechanical Engg. Department, KDKCE, Nagpur, India

Abstract—The availability and cost of electric power is a great concern to comman man. Conventional energy is also a great concern for environment. Hence more attention of designers is diverted towards use of unconventional energy or other forms of energy than conventionenergy. Water pump is a more utility item. The hydraulic ram pump is the mechanical pump which runs on kinetic energy of flowing water. Though the pump is in use since long, it is not seen in comman forms for lots of its performance limitations. This type of pump is a blessings to rural areas, farmers and middle class for its zero running cost. The paper after study the literature available aim to present generalised design methodology for hydraulic ram pump (HYDRAM) covering design parameters, design procedure along with the mathematical relationship used for the design work.

Index Terms—Conventional energy, Design methodology, Hydraulic ram pump, Design parameters

Cite: Seemin Sheikh, C C Handa, and A P Ninawe, "Design Methodology for Hydraulic Ram Pump (HYDRAM)," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 170-175, October 2013.