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Bamboo Stripping Machine Using Pneumatic Pressure

Sufiyan Ahmed Khan1, P G Mehar1, A V Vanalkar1, and S S Khandare2
1.Department of Mechanical Engg., K.D.K.C.E., Nagpur, M.S., India
2.V.M.I.T., Nagpur, India

Abstract—In present Bamboo stripping process number of steps are involve to make Strips are: (1) Bamboo Cross Cutting, (2) Bamboo Spliting, (3) Bamboo Slicing. So the basic aim of this approach is to make a unique machine which can perform all the above processes. This can be done by pneumatic cylinder arrangement which reciprocates the bamboo holder, so that when air compress expand in the pneumatic cylinder it allow bamboo holder to reciprocates on the Horizontal blade which strips the bamboo into small pieces around 15 cm long and 1 cm to 2 cm wide and around 1 to 2 mm thick. Here bamboo holder is rectangular shape box which contains bamboo, spring pressure arrangement at the top of bamboo holder is provided. As the bamboo strikes on horizontal blade, the bottom portion of the bamboo comes in contact with the horizontal blade and the strip is obtained, the spring expands from the top with the amount equal to the thickness of strip obtained which pushes the remaining bamboo downward to obtain further stripping.

Index Terms—Bamboo, Stripping and strikes

Cite: Sufiyan Ahmed Khan, P G Mehar, A V Vanalkar, and S S Khandare, "Bamboo Stripping Machine Using Pneumatic Pressure," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 82-88, October 2013.