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Scuderi Split Cycle Engine: A Review

Anshul Jangalwa, Aditya Kumar Singh, Akshay Jain, and Ankit Barua1 ,
Mechanical Engineering, Medicaps Institute of Technology and Management, Indore, India.

Abstract—Internal Combustion engines have become a very important prime movers in today’s life, there study is also an active field of research for many automobile industries and also has its environmental concerns. IC engines are used not only in automobile industries but are also used in transportation in sea as well as air, as a prime mover for electric generators and in industrial applications. There efficiencies and there environmental impacts are very crucial. A new IC engine developed by the Scuderi group called ‘Scuderi Split Cycle Engine’ is described in this review paper. It is more efficient than a conventional engine and also have less emissions.

Index Terms—Conventional engine, Efficiency, Split cycle

Cite: Anshul Jangalwa, Aditya Kumar Singh, Akshay Jain, and Ankit Barua, "Scuderi Split Cycle Engine: A Review," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 36-44, October 2013.