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Analysis of Microstructure and Phase Deduction in Saw

Uma Gautam1 and Vipin2
1.Department of Mechanical & Automation Engineering, GGSIP University, Delhi, India
2.Department of Mechanical Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering, Bawana Road, Delhi, India

Abstract—To determine the stress carrying capacity of a weld, the study of microstructure of weld bead geometry is important. For the same reason, a detailed study on the microstructure and phase analysis of weld metal, heat affected zone and base metal of 16 mm thick mild steel plate were carried out by using Olympus GX 41 microscope in conjunction with META-Lite software. The relative content of pearlite and ferrite in the weld metal zone, heat effected zone and base metal also studied.

Index Terms—Microstructure, Weld bead

Cite: Uma Gautam and Vipin, "Analysis of Microstructure and Phase Deduction in Saw," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 483-491, July 2014.