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Effects of Using Silica Filler in Tread Compound

Anil Kumar P R and Ramesh Babu K
Govt. Tool Room & Training Centre, Mysore-570016, Karnataka, India

Abstract—Compounding is the mixing of specified ingredients in such a way as to achieve different objectives, depending on the intended use of the tire, the objective may be to optimize performance, to maximize traction in both wet and dry conditions, or to achieve superior rolling resistance. The desired objective can be achieved through the careful selection of one or more types of rubber, along with the type and amount of filler to blend with the rubber. The aim of the investigations described in this paper is to obtain a better understanding of the reaction between silica, and rubber. A better understanding of this reaction might help the understanding of the reinforcement mechanism for silica filled rubbers, which in turn may help developing tyres with an even better balance of properties. Further, it may potentially lead to a broader application base for silica reinforcement also in other (dynamic) rubber applications.The prepared compound was tested rheometric parameters, physical and dynamic properties. It was found that formulation includes varying carbon block and silica phr(per hundred rubber) is showing better properties

Index Terms—Compounding, Compound formulation, Fillers

Cite: Anil Kumar P R and Ramesh Babu K, "Effects of Using Silica Filler in Tread Compound," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 695-699, July 2014.