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Bio-Tribology and Its Applications in Medical Sciences - A Review

Ramanpreet Singh1 and M Sreedhar2
1.Honorary Peer Reviewer, Global Journals Inc. (US)
2.Assistant Professor, Lovely Professional University, Punjab. (US)

Abstract—Tribology is the science of rubbing, friction and wear. When biological systems especially human joints such as knees, hips etc which continuously move relative to one another are studied, tribology becomes biotribology. To understand the wear performance of the implant and effects of synovial fluid principles of biotribology are required. In this paper few papers are reviewed related to applications of tribology in medical world. It was observed that for the prosthesis several anti-adhesive agents can be used post-surgery, selection of the bio-materials can be made considering several factors etc. As several tribological synthetic materials and natural tissues are involved in the biomedical systems that operate in complex environment. So for designing any prosthetic device lifetime and performance specifications need to be considered.

Index Terms—Tribology, Bio-Tribology, Medical Science, Applications, Bio-Materials

Cite: Ramanpreet Singh and M Sreedhar, "Bio-Tribology and Its Applications in Medical Sciences - A Review," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 141-144, July 2014.