International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research. IJMERR is a scholarly peer-reviewed international scientific journal published monthly, focusing on theories, systems, methods, algorithms and applications in mechanical engineering and robotics. It provides a high profile, leading edge forum for academic researchers, industrial professionals, engineers, consultants, managers, educators and policy makers working in the field to contribute and disseminate innovative new work on Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research. All papers will be blind reviewed and accepted papers will be published monthly, which is available online (open access) and in printed version.

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Latest Articles

01Fatigue Testing of the Small Wind Turbine Blade
Karol Zawadzki, Anna Baszczyńska, Angela Fliszewska, Szymon Molenda, Jakub Bobrowski, and Michał Sikorski
04Effect of Multilayer Processing of Semi-finished Leather Products
Auezhan T. Amanov, Gayrat A. Bahadirov, Gerasim N. Tsoy, and Ayder M. Nabiev
06Optimal Design of Kinematics Parallel Manipulator Considering Workspace and Control Effort
Diego A. Nunez, Mauricio Mauledoux, Oscar Aviles, Juan Guacheta, and Sebastian Gonzalez

Featured Articles

01A Machine Learning Approach of Lattice Infill Pattern for Increasing Material Efficiency in Additive Manufacturing Processes
Jonnel D. Alejandrino, Ronnie S. Concepcion II, Sandy C. Lauguico, Rogelio Ruzcko Tobias, Lenardo Venancio, Dailyne Macasaet, Argel A. Bandala, and Elmer P. Dadios
02Design and Deployment of an IoT-Based Water Quality Monitoring System for Aquaculture in Mekong Delta
Luong Vinh Quoc Danh, Dang Vu Minh Dung, Tran Huu Danh, and Nguyen Chi Ngon
05Calculation of Optimum Exchanged Grinding Wheel Diameter When External Grinding Tool Steel 9CrSi
Hoang Xuan Tu, Gong Jun, Le Xuan Hung, Luu Anh Tung, Vu Ngoc Pi
06Performance Investigation of the Savonius Horizontal Water Turbine Accounting for Stage Rotor Design
Dandun Mahesa Prabowoputra, Syamsul Hadi, Aditya Rio Prabowo, and Jung Min Sohn