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IJMERR 2024 Vol.13(3): 325-330
doi: 10.18178/ijmerr.13.3.325-330

Skillful Manipulation of Electronic Musical-Note-Type Instrument Using Industrial Humanoid Robot

Mikio Ozawa *, Daiki Kato, Hiroaki Hanai, Toshiki Hirogaki, and Eiichi Aoyama
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Doshisha University, Kyotanabe-shi, Kyoto, Japan
Email: 0914ozmk@gmail.com (M.O.); daikidoshisha0106@gmail.com (D.K.); h871hiroaki@gmail.com (H.H.); thirogak@mail.doshisha.ac.jp (T.H.); eaoyama@mail.doshisha.ac.jp (E.A.)
*Corresponding author

Manuscript received August 14, 2023; revised September 14, 2023; accepted September 25, 2023; published May 9, 2024.

Abstract—Industrial robots contribute significantly to productivity improvements, quality improvements, and cost reductions at production sites. Among the industrial robots, those that can cooperate with humans without safety measures or output limitations on the motors of their axes are known as cooperative robots. In the manufacturing field, there is a growing demand for production lines where humans and robots can coexist and cooperate instead of those where robots perform all processes on their own. In this study, we focus on a cooperative robot fabricated using a 3D resin printer and aim to improve its operation using the same tools as humans. As an example of such an application, we attempt to develop a sound-feedback-based motion for manipulating an electronic musical instrument called an “otamatone”. First, the hardware for grasping the object is created using a 3D printer, and notes on the modeling process are described. We then construct an advanced sound feedback system using the Robot Operating System (ROS) to identify the sounding position and pitch of the instrument. In this study, we propose a partial model-matching method for determining the Proportional–Integral–Derivative (PID) gains of the servomotors of each joint of a robot. Consequently, the accuracy of the robot’s motion improves and the accuracy of the intended musical performance is enhanced.

Keywords—robotics, control engineering, 3D printer, sound feedback

Cite: Mikio Ozawa, Daiki Kato, Hiroaki Hanai, Toshiki Hirogaki, and Eiichi Aoyama, "Skillful Manipulation of Electronic Musical-Note-Type Instrument Using Industrial Humanoid Robot," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 325-330, 2024.

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