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Longitudinal Bow Estimation of U-Shape Profile in Cold Roll Formed for Commercial Aluminum Alloys

Muhammad Sajjad, Mohanraj Murugesan, and Dong Won Jung
Jeju National University, Mechanical Engineering, Jeju-si, South Korea

Abstract—Due to the increasing demand for improvement in automobile industries makes a new way for the manufacturing processes which is having the safety of laborers, energy efficient and low cost. The emergence of new alloys makes these manufacturing processes more interesting for all areas of automotive and structural applications. New aluminum alloy can achieve the same strength as well as effectively reduce the material thickness while having perfect corrosion resistance. The demand for new materials forming technique has been widely increased in the market, so the insiders pay close attention to new technology. Roll forming is the method for these alloys to deform into its final shape with a smooth surface and good tolerance. In this paper, we have set up two kinds of roll forming models for the U-shape profile of Aluminum Alloy AA5052 using LS-DYNA software in the cold roll forming process (CLFP). UBECO PROFILE software is used for the numerical modeling of flower pattern and roll configuration of CLFP. In one experiment configuration normal forming is happened in a natural way with no extra modification to control the longitudinal bow defect while in the second model the supporting stand is used at the end of the rolling process in order to minimize the longitudinal bow of the final shape. The sheets in both two models have been measured the contour bow defect of displacement and the stress are used to analyze the deformation of the sheet. From the results, it was concluded that the supporting stand plays an important role in minimizing the longitudinal bow defect in the cold roll forming process. 

Index Terms—aluminum alloy AA5052, cold roll forming process (CLFP), LS-DYNA, UBECO PROFILE, longitudinal bow defect, supporting stand

Cite: Muhammad Sajjad, Mohanraj Murugesan, and Dong Won Jung, "Longitudinal Bow Estimation of U-Shape Profile in Cold Roll Formed for Commercial Aluminum Alloys," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 9, No. 8, pp. 1097-1103, August 2020. DOI: 10.18178/ijmerr.9.8.1097-1103

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