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Development of Control System for Robotic Surface Tracking

Darya L. Alontseva 1, Elaheh Ghassemieh 2, Alexander L. Krasavin 1, Gennady K. Shadrin 1, Assel T. Kussaiyn-Murat 1, and Albina T. Kadyroldina 1
1. D Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University, School of Engineering, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
2. Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University, UK

Abstract—This paper describes the development of an industrial robot manipulator control system for 3D scanning of surfaces prior to robotic plasma processing and cutting of products with complex shape. Preliminary 3D scanning of the surface by a robot manipulator is needed to create a 3D model of a product in order to automatically generate a program for moving the robot to ensure robotic precise plasma processing or cutting of the product. The new algorithm of synthesis of the robot manipulator motion-controlling system by dynamics and perturbations compensation method has been developed. The scheme of 3D scanning on the basis of an industrial robot manipulator has been identified. 

Index Terms — robot manipulator, algorithm of motion control, analytical synthesis, 3D scanning, plasma processing.

Cite: Darya L. Alontseva, Elaheh Ghassemieh, Alexander L. Krasavin, Gennady K. Shadrin, Assel T. Kussaiyn-Murat, and Albina T. Kadyroldina, "Development of Control System for Robotic Surface Tracking" International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 280-286, February 2020. DOI: 10.18178/ijmerr.9.2.280-286

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