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Product Analysis and Stress Analysis of Process Piping Routing by Using Caesar II

Reegan C1 , R Tamizh Selvan2, T T M Kannan1, R Baskaran1, and P Vijaya Kumar1
1.Department of Mechanical Engineering, PRIST University, Thajavur-613 403, India.
2.Department of Mechanical Engineering,Ponnaiyah Ramajayam Engineering college,Thajavur-613 403, India.

Abstract—Product analysis has become more important with respect to material savings, quality of design, safety and legislation. Welding is by far the most important technique for fabrication of both industrial and non-industrial products. The quality of the product depends on the type and standard of manufacturing process selected. The quality of weldement is decided by the welding procedure specification/parameters, namely, thickness, melting point, thermal conductivity, bead, thermal expansion of the material, welding technique, type of power supply and polarity. The pipe routing was modeled by using CAESAR II software. For stress analyzing purpose the static condition such as sustained, operating and expansion condition were selected. The welding parameters are selected for Shielded Metal Arc welding and allowable stress for the application is calculated using internationally recognized software tool, namely, CAESAR II. The weld specimen is tested in Universal Testing Machine for the Tensile strength. The analysis is made with respect to ASME B 31.3. The results obtained using the software tool CAESAR II and from the testing of the weldment are compared.

Index Terms—Product Analysis, Quality, CAESAR-II, Stress Analysis, Routing

Cite: Reegan C, R Tamizh Selvan, T T M Kannan, R Baskaran, and P Vijaya Kumar, "Product Analysis and Stress Analysis of Process Piping Routing by Using Caesar II," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol.4, No. 2, pp. 154-161, April 2015.