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Six Sigma Approach: Application, Benefits and Scope

Suryakant Sharma, Deepak Bhardwaj, and Vinay Kumar
Bhiwani Institute of Technology and Science, Sarsa Ghogra, Rohtak Road, Bhiwani, Haryana-127021.

Abstract—Six Sigma is an approach that improves quality by analyzing data with statistics. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the use and development of the Six Sigma Approach This paper reviews some related literatures to describe application, benefits and scope. Understanding of the six sigma method allows organizations to better support their strategic directions, and increasing needs for coaching, mentoring, and training. The Six Sigma method is a complex and flexible system of achieving, maintaining and maximizing the business success. Six Sigma is based mainly on understanding the customer needs and expectation, and responsible approach to managing, improving and establishing new business, manufacturing and service processes.

Index Terms—Six Sigma, Quality, Future Research

Cite: Suryakant Sharma, Deepak Bhardwaj, and Vinay Kumar, "Six Sigma Approach: Application, Benefits and Scope," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol.2 No.3, pp. 365-370, July 2013.