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Simulation of Queuing Analysis in Hospital

Ishan P Lade1 , Sandeep A Chowriwar2, and Pranay B Sawaitul3
1.Department of Mechanical Engineering, Datta Meghe Institute of Engg, Technology & Research, Wardha
2.Department of Mechanical Engineering, Agnihotri College of Engineering, Wardha.
3.Department of Mechanical Engineering, Anjuman College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur.

Abstract—from this paper, it helps to the scheduling system of the department. Queuing theory can be used to predict some of the important parameters like total waiting time, average waiting time of patients, average queue length. The simulation of queuing system can be applied to many real-world applications. If it were possible to improve the queues, there would be more profits made and more time to carry out business than ever before, which would be very useful in this fast paced world. This paper describes the use of queuing systems to decrease the waiting time of patients (Edward, 2007).

Index Terms—Queuing theory, Simulation, Probability distribution, Scheduling

Cite: Ishan P Lade, Sandeep A Chowriwar, and Pranay B Sawaitul, "Simulation of Queuing Analysis in Hospital," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol.2 No.3, pp. 122-128, July 2013.