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Green Manufacturing and Use of Analytical Network Process (ANP) Decision Tool in Green Manufacturing

Manish Bansal1 , Raj Kumar Duhan1, and Snadeep Deshwal2
1.Department of Mechanical Engineering, University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Rohtak, Haryana, India.
2.Department of Mechanical Engineering, PDM College of Engineering (Bahadurgarh), Jhajjar, Haryana, India.

Abstract—Today the increasing industrialization creates huge pressure on environment and due to this industrialization many environmental related problems arises daily. The global warming, air, water and noise pollution, ozone layer depletion are some of the major problems. With the global awareness of environmental risk as well as market pressure to get maximum benefits, manufacturing system requires new development and Green manufacturing or Environmental Conscious Manufacturing (ECM) is the only solution for these problems. Multinational and domestic corporations all around the world are adopting environmental manufacturing. The growth of green manufacturing is rapid over the last few decades but the change due to green manufacturing will not happen overnight but over times. It is matter of continuous improvement and the industries itself cannot bring about the changes; government also has to play a very important role of creating the right environment which support the environmental manufacturing.

Index Terms—ANP software, Green manufacturing parameters

Cite: Manish Bansal, Raj Kumar Duhan, and Snadeep Deshwal, "Green Manufacturing and Use of Analytical Network Process (ANP) Decision Tool in Green Manufacturing," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol.1, No.3, pp. 51-60, October 2012.