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Kinematic Synthesis of a Profile Cutting Mechanism

Ajay A Dhore, R D Askhedkar, and S K Choudhary
Department of Mechanical Engineering, KDK College of Engineering, RTMNU, India.

Abstract—Profiles are generally cut by laser machine. To cut a required profile, the laser cutter has to trace the path of the profile. A planer mechanism can be used for cutting a profile by fixing the laser cutting point to the coupler link at a specific point. The proposed research work is an attempt to synthesize a four bar class-I mechanism to cut an elliptical profile with specified dimension. The four bar mechanism is synthesized by using freudenstein’s equation and laser cutting point is located on the coupler curve by trial and error method to get the specified elliptical profile. (With given major axis and minor axis).

Index Terms—Four bar mechanism, Synthesis, Simulation

Cite: Ajay A Dhore, R D Askhedkar, and S K Choudhary, "Kinematic Synthesis of a Profile Cutting Mechanism," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol.2, No. 1, pp. 226-231, January 2013.