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Parametric Study and Experimental Evaluation of Vehicle Tire Performance

Virkar D S and Thombare D G
Department of Automobile Engineering, R I T Sakharale 415414, Sangli, Maharashtra, India

Abstract—The purpose of this review paper is to study of effect of the different tire operating parameters on tire performance and review of testing setup to test these tire performance parameters. The testing of tire performance parameters by experimentally is help to designer to correlate the relationships of parameters and to design the tire, hence it is need to testing of tire. Knowledge about dynamic properties of tires is an essential for any kind of research and development activities on vehicle dynamics. The main purpose of laboratory testing is to separate the properties of the tire from the vehicle, achieve high rate of reproducibility and to optimize the cost. This review paper gives the information regarding of different researcher’s works on inter laboratory tire testing setup for measuring tire performance parameters and also this review paper helps to understand the factors on which tire performance parameters is depends.

Index Terms—Inter laboratory, Review, Tire parameters, Tire performance

Cite: Virkar D S and Thombare D G, "Parametric Study and Experimental Evaluation of Vehicle Tire Performance," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 221-231, April 2013.