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To the Question of Determining the Limiting Particle Size of Corundum During Grinding

Abstract—Based on the principle of minimum production of entropy, dependence is obtained for determining the size of particles resistant to crushing. The size of particles resistant to crushing is proportional to the surface energy of the particles to the 3/5 degree and inversely proportional to the specific mixing power to the 2/5 degree. Experimental studies have been carried out on the crushing of aluminum oxide particles by varying the process parameters: the grinding time, the size of the grinding balls, the mass ratio of the grinding balls and Al2O3 powder. The specific mixing power is represented by regression dependence on the parameters of the grinding process mode. Using the obtained dependences to determine the size of particles during grinding, the conditions of the process were found that ensure the production of particles no larger than 1.5 μm. 

Index Terms—grinding, ceramics, crushing, particle size determination, aluminum oxide, mathematical modeling