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Advanced Modified Direct Torque Control with Space Vector Modulation Based on Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Induction Motor Sensorless Drive

Abstract—This work addresses the problems inherent in the disturbances affected to the operation of electrical motor drives, a modified direct torque control which is among the excellent method of torque control of an induction motor that provide a decoupled control of flux and torque is implemented with a novel controller of active disturbance rejection controller to cancel the drawbacks of flux ripples, high torque at start-up and also variable switching frequency associated in the classical DTC. In the other side, an advanced estimator for rotor speed is used in order to rectify the problem of sensors. The proposed control strategy, implementation data, and simulations with MDTC are presented and discussed. It is concluded that MDTC-SVM proposed control topology offers high performance in steady-state operation despite the existence of the internal and external disturbances. 

Index Terms—Induction motor, modified direct torque control, fuzzy logic control, active disturbance dejection control.