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Fault-Tolerant Sliding Mode Control of a Quadrotor UAV With Delayed Feedback

Abstract—A quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) controller distributes the pitch, roll and yaw commands to individual propellers. This paper explores fault-tolerant control of a quadrotor UAV using delayed feedback and Divided State Feedback Control (DSFC). Initially, a Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) for the quadrotor UAV is designed to obtain sustained performance in the presence of actuator faults. The SMC performance deteriorates considerably in the presence of delayed sensory feedback from the UAV. A DSFC is then used to restore effectiveness of the device controller. The proposed control structure delivers improved stabilization, robustness and transient response in the presence of actuator faults. Computer simulations are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of our hybrid control scheme. 

Index Terms—Divided State Feedback Control, Sliding Mode Control (SMC), Actuator Faults, Quadrotor UAV, Fault Tolerant Control (FTC), Time Delays