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A Comparative Study on the Transmission Loss of Helmholtz Resonator and Quarter, Half, Conical Half-Wave Resonator Using Acoustic Analysis Model

Abstract—This study deals with the Helmholtz resonator and the half- and quarter-wave, conical half-wave resonator, which are noise-absorbing structures for reducing noise. Each resonator was made into an analysis model with the same resonance frequency set. This analysis model is used to predict the performance of each resonator before proceeding with the actual experiment. According to the user's request, the band to reduce the noise is set, and the resonator is modeled accordingly. The ducts were used to position the resonator in the middle of the duct, and the performance of each resonator was compared when the same noise was applied. It can be helpful to design before resonator production by confirming by using analysis model whether noise reduction occurs well in the band that wanted to reduce noise. 

Index Terms— Helmholtz resonator, half wave resonator, quarter wave resonator, acoustic analysis