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Design and Investigation of a Novel Three Phase Segmented Rotor HE FSM for Aircraft Applications

H. A. Soomro 1, E. Sulaiman 2, and Z. Omar 3
1. Department of Electrical Power Engineering
2. Department of Aeronautical Engineering Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia, 86400 Parit Raja, Batu Pahat Johor, Malaysia

Abstract— To decrease the influence of air transport on the environment as well as to improve fuel efficiency more-electric aircraft (MEA) architecture is a well-known approach. Due to the fact that electrical machines are capable to provide higher torque densities and are dominant for the feasibility of direct drive electrical driving force for aircraft applications. For these reasons a new sort of machine has been acquainted and published in last decade well-known as flux switching machine (FSM). FSMs comprises all excitation sources on stator side with winding less robust rotor structure. Further FSMs are characterized into three types such as permanent magnet (PM) FSMs, field excitation (FE) FSMs and hybrid excitation (HE) FSMs. PM FSM and FE FSM use PM and FE coil for their excitation sources respectively, whereas both PM and FE coil are used in HE-FSM for excitation. Subsequently, HE FSMs have shown higher torque to weight ratios with higher efficiency during research in the last decade. Nevertheless, in existing structures of HE FSMs using segmental, there is flux cancellation between the fluxes of PMs and FE coil which causes to reduce the performance of machines. Hence, in this paper, a proposed structure of HE FSM with segmented rotor has been proposed and analyzed. The proposed HE FSM has a simple structure using three PMs and three FECs. The proposed structure has been analyzed using commercial 2D FEA package, JMAG-designer. Initially, this paper presents the coil test analysis of novel HE FSM to confirm the working principle. Besides, performance of proposed HE FSM has been analysis and comparison with existing HE FSM at no load and load conditions.

Index Terms— flux switching, hybrid excitation, segmented rotor, aircraft

Cite: H. A. Soomro, E. Sulaiman, and Z. Omar, "Design and Investigation of a Novel Three Phase Segmented Rotor HE FSM for Aircraft Applications," International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, Vol. 7, No. 6, pp. 643-648, November 2018. DOI: 10.18178/ijmerr.7.6.643-648