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Special Issue on Advances on Automation, Mechanical and Design Engineering

Automation and robotics are playing an increasingly important role in everyday life in conducting various tasks at homes, in farms and hospitals as well as in many industries e.g. automotive and aerospace among others. Automation is becoming an integral part of many products used by the consumers e.g. the home appliances, cars, education and entertainment devices etc. As a result, a great deal of effort is being devoted towards research in automation and robotics. In robotics, effective and desired robot control is extremely critical in robot manufacturing and therefore a great deal of effort is devoted to it to increase the robot performance, and to reduce the robot cost and introduce new functionalities. The development of industrial robots is a multidisciplinary fusion of many technologies. Many of these technologies are not specific to robotics and have been developed in other industrial applications. However, the robot control and in particular the robot motion control is very specific to a particular robotic application and constitutes one of the most important key competences for the development of industrial robotics. By applying and developing advanced control, it is possible to continuously improve the robot performance, which is necessary in order to increase the performance of industrial robots with lower cost.
The scope of this special issue is to promote research and development in the area of Automation, Mechanical and Design Engineering. This issue will provide state of the art recent developments in Automation, Mechanical and Design Engineering around the world. This issue will provide a unique opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to address new challenges, share solutions, and discuss research directions for future.
The Editors invite unpublished research work in the following fields of Automation, Mechanical and Design Engineering (including but not limited to)
• Automated Highway Systems 
• Human Robot Interaction
• Robot Mechanism and Control
• Robot Vision
• Robotic Applications
• Mechanical Engineering
• Aerospace Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering Testing
• Industrial Engineering
• Mechanical transmission control
• Intelligent Design
• Mechatronics and Robotics
• Automation and Robotics
• Design and Manufacturing
• Process Control and Automation
• Computer Control
Submissions should be prepared using the journal template, which is available at http://www.ijmerr.com/ (at the left bottom on the main page). Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to EasyChair System; or to the conference via Conf_icamd@yeah.net.
Should you have further questions, please contact the conference secretary Ms. Jennifer Rowe at Conf_icamd@yeah.net.
Important Dates
Paper Submission:                   January 5, 2018
Review Result Notification:    January 20, 2018
Registration Deadline:             February 10, 2018
Conference Date:                     March 17-19, 2018
Guest Editors
Prof. Ramesh K. Agarwal, Washington University in St. Louis, USA, rka@wustl.edu
Prof. Changduk Kong, Chsoun University, South Korea, cdgong@chosun.ac.kr